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Fill That Hole! A Municipal Simulation Game

Emergency! Emergency! There is a large pothole in the road! Fortunately, the pothole squad is at the ready, able to bend their bodies into fantastic shapes so they can FILL! THAT! HOLE!

Space / A button to begin


  • L/R arrows keys: move
  • Down Arrow: drop into place
  • Q/E: rotate
  • W: change shape
  • Space: Vroom
  • Esc: reset (If the car gets stuck)

Xbox controllers supported!


  • Dpad L/R: move
  • Dpad down: drop into place
  • L1/R1: rotate
  • X: change shape
  • B: vroom
  • Start: reset (If the car gets stuck)

Designed by Jalan Ember and Tegan Valo

Programmed by Tegan Valo

Art and assets by Jalan Ember

Music by Zack Calabro

Sound effects by Michael Jones

Install instructions

Download, unzip, and run the .exe


Fill That Hole! (1).zip 54 MB